SiteMinder Request Flow

The following steps occur when a user tries to access a protected resource on a web server configured to use SiteMinder authentication: The user requests a resource on the server(website), either through a web browser or in a program using an HTTP request. The request is received by the web server and is intercepted by […]

SiteMinder Web Agents and Application Server Agents

A SiteMinder Agent is a software component residing with the Web Server or Application Server hosting the resource to be protected and communicates with the Policy Server in order to enforce policies for user access to generic resources. There are several types of Agents that can be used with SiteMinder: Web Agent It intercepts all […]

Access Management — SiteMinder Best Practices

Siteminder Best Practices • Firewall Considerations – For Secure Environment, placing the Web Server in the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) behind a firewall is recommended. It is also recommended to place the application, database and SiteMinder Policy Servers behind a second firewall. • Policy store and Key Store considerations – For faster access of stored data, […]

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