Definition of Identity Management

So before we begin let’s check if you are familiar with what we are going to talk about down here – Identity and Access Management. Okay,answer few questions and if your answer to any of the below questions is Yes, then you have been part of this technology knowingly or unknowingly. Do you have an Identity […]

Webserver and Application Server

A  lot of views all around the web could be found regarding the discussion on difference between a Web-server and an Application server.Even I am not sure of the exact difference between the two.I am compiling this post so that we can try to shed out some light on this so as to come with […]

Application Server and Web server

What is Application Server and Web server? The Web server: A Web server handles the HTTP protocol. When the Web server receives an HTTP request, it responds with an HTTP response, such as sending back an HTML page. To process a request, a Web server may respond with a static HTML page or image, send […]

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