Sailpoint IdentityIQ implementation using delimited connector

It is up to organizations to decide that how do they want Sailpoint IdentityIQ to be used for their business requirements. Generally there can be two scenarios. First, requirement can be only to perform User Access Reviews so that the users access to applications are assessed on a regular basis and also so that the […]

Generic Sailpoint IdentityIQ Implementation Architecture

There can be many architectural patterns followed during a IdentityIQ implementation but the one shown below is a generic way as most of the organizations have a mixed set of applications which are to be integrated with IIQ as connected applications(using direct connectors) and disconnected applications(using Read-Only connectors).

Sailpoint IdentityIQ Connectors

A few months back we saw that Sailpoint released their 6.0 and then 6.1 versions of IdentityIQ. Still in many of the ongoing implementations around the world many organizations are still using IdentityIQ 5.5 version. Talking about connectors, what’s that we have been missing in version 5.5 and what’s new that we have got in […]

Concept of Provisioning

User provisioning and Account provisioning are same terms and are interchangeably used. Provisioning can be thought of as 1. The process of granting, changing, or removing user access to systems, applications and databases based on a unique user identity by creation of user accounts on target systems. 2. The process of providing customers or clients […]

Why is it not reciprocated…

What is it actually?,Can it happen again and again?,How does one realize it is real and true?,Does it have boundaries?,Does it have a definition?,Does it need time?,Is it meaningful only if its mutual?,Is this and caring synonyms?,Why is it not reciprocated all times?,Does it fades away with time?Why does it keep you awake till early […]

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