Why is it not reciprocated…

What is it actually?,Can it happen again and again?,How does one realize it is real and true?,Does it have boundaries?,Does it have a definition?,Does it need time?,Is it meaningful only if its mutual?,Is this and caring synonyms?,Why is it not reciprocated all times?,Does it fades away with time?Why does it keep you awake till early […]

First day, Class XI..

Result was out for our class 10th board exam. Scored sufficiently well, now it was time to opt among art, commerce or science. There was no second thought. I opted for Science stream as I thought only less intelligent would go for art or commerce. Classes were about to start. We boys used to celebrate […]

Abundance of feelings,scarcity of words..

While watching a famous Television show,saw a man whose few words I could relate to me,which gave me an idea of writing this post. The man was being interviewed, but he was short of words to express his feelings.We all might have been through such situations where we feel a lot but are unable to express ourselves. […]

To Judge or to Love..

One of the most famous Quotes: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ? Mother Teresa Very rightly said , And I am a follower of these words too..But how relevant are these words today? I don’t know but I think I am too bad at judging people and this might […]

Way years back…Days of confidence

Way years back,I remember had given my class 10th exams,was oozing with confidence as I knew I had performed well in my board exams.Credit goes to one of my friend’s father who gave me advice about scoring in board exams.The advice was “Marks are not freely distributed as much I was taking them for granted.” […]

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