Web Service Proxy (WSP)

DataPower Service Types There are three major service types available in the DataPower appliance. Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW)  Web Service Proxy (WSP) XML Firewall (XMLFW)  Each type of Data-Power service has built-in features and functionality to handle different types of transactions and protocols for the type of traffic that is to be expected, as well as […]

Siteminder Agents and Virtual Servers

We know that for protecting web resources using CA Siteminder ,we have to install the Agents on the servers on which the resources are hosted.But what happens if there are multiple virtual servers on a single physical server.Lets discuss what features does Siteminder have to deal with Virtual Servers. Each virtual server is a logical […]

Concept of Server Virtualization

Many times we use the word Virtual Server.What is it actually and whats the need of it.Lets try to find out. When we use the term server,the first thought that comes to our mind is that its a computer used to host a website or a computer  on which some application is deployed.And its absolutely […]

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