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Vordel API Server history

Vordel API server has a long history in the SOA world.It started with a simple XML firewall product in 2002 ,then few XML gateway appliances in 2005,2009,2010,2011 and has recently introduced its Vordel API srever for API management.
Lets us try understand what is an API.
An API is a software-to-software interface, not a user interface. With APIs, applications talk to each other without any user intervention.
e.g. When we buy movie tickets online and enter the credit card information, the movie ticket Web site uses an API to send the credit card information to a remote application that verifies whether the information is correct. Once payment is confirmed, the remote application sends a response back to the movie ticket Web site saying it’s OK to issue the tickets.
As a user, we only see one interface — the movie ticket Web site — but behind the scenes, many applications are working together using APIs.

What Is Vordel API Server?
Vordel API Server is a comprehensive platform for managing, delivering, and securing APIs.

Vordel’s technology is in its seventh generation. After 12 years of refinement, Vordel API Server is a feature-rich, robust, flexible, high performance, and easy-to-use offering in the market.

Vordel API Server is for APIs of all types, including REST APIs for mobile and Web, SOAP APIs for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), file based interfaces for B2B integration, and other types of application integration interfaces. Vordel API Server enables enterprises to achieve standardized API delivery to ensure security, performance, and high availability. API Server is the next- generation technology that encapsulates capabilities from Application Gateway, Cloud Services Broker, and API Management into a unified API operating platform.


Architected For Mission Critical APIs
Vordel API Server offers best-in-class performance, scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use. It all starts with best-in-class architecture, designed for mission critical APIs and enterprise wide deployment. Vordel API Server’s architecture is built around the core VXA Engine run-time, supported by four functional modules built around the API lifecycle.
• Studio is for the development of APIs and policies
• Tester is for the testing of APIs, policies, and configurations
• Manager is for the administration of the APIs, servers, polices, and transactions
• Analytics is for the monitoring and reporting of APIs, servers, and transactions

Solution Factory is a packaging tool used by the Vordel community to create Solution Packs for accelerated deployment, ease of administration and knowledge sharing.

VXA Engine – Fast API Server Performance In Any Form Factor
At the core of the Vordel API Server is the patented high performance VXA Engine run-time. The VXA engine processes API delivery tasks such as transformation, schema validation, and throttling at wire-speed. The VXA Engine is driven by configurable policies and can be extended with JavaScript, Groovy and Ant for ultimate extensibility and flexibility. VXA is a software program written in native code. It delivers wire-speed performance without any proprietary hardware or add-on accelerator cards. No other API Server is faster.

Connectors – Out-Of-The-Box Integration To Any System
The VXA Engine is flanked by inbound listeners and outbound adapters. The listeners are configured to intercept specific communications by message type, protocol, and port. The outbound adapters output system or standard-specific message formats for easy integration to external systems. Inbound listeners and outbound adapters are packaged into Connectors by technology type or named product. Vordel ships with a full library of pre-built Connectors supporting a broad range of applications including middleware, security and network products. Using Vordel Policy Studio and SDK developers can create additional Connectors to proprietary systems.
Policy Studio – Visualize Your APIs And Policies
Vordel Policy Studio is a powerful and intuitive visual development environment for creating APIs and policies. Policy Studio lets developers work in the familiar Eclipse integrated development environment. In Policy Studio developers can create APIs and policies by simply dragging and linking Filters to form Circuits. Filters are building blocks that perform specific integration, transformation, logical or security tasks. Circuits link the Filters to orchestrate discrete tasks into flows. Vordel ships over 120 pre-built Filters and Policies covering the most common usages scenarios, third-party technologies and standards.

API Tester – Test APIs, Policies, Configurations, Clients, And Providers
Vordel API Tester (formerly known as SOAPbox) is a tool for the testing of APIs, policies, and configurations. Developers can use API Tester to test APIs deployed on the Vordel API Server or any other system. This includes testing of API clients and service providers. API Tester helps you profile API capabilities, perform load and performance testing, and simulate attacks to identify API vulnerabilities. Download the FREE Vordel API Tester today!

Manager – Unified Administration Of Your API Environment
Vordel Manager is a unified web-based administration tool from which you can administer your entire API universe. Manager’s easy-to-use interface features rich user interactions and visualization tools to help administrator’s mange even the largest and most dynamic API environments, including distributed environments with mixed form factors and elastic capacity. Vordel Manager lets you mange:
• APIs
• Policies
• API Servers, including groups and configurations
• Virtual and physical hosts
• Transactions
• End points
• Logs
• Environmental migration
Analytics – Comprehensive Logging, Monitoring, Reporting, And Analysis
Vordel Analytics offers comprehensive reporting and monitoring capabilities to help you gain visibility and understanding into the performance and quality of your API operations. Vordel’s reporting architecture provides almost infinite flexibility to capture the data you need. Your data is securely stored and made accessible via the Vordel Analytics user interface, automatically emailed, delivered to log management and system management tools, through REST APIs, or directly queried from the database. Vordel reports on usage statistics to provide insights into:
• what APIs are being used,
• how much are the APIs used,
• when are the APIs used and
• who are using the APIs.
Vordel also provide real-time system and traffic monitoring tools to help administrators perform real-time investigation into transaction flows and API Server performance.
Solution Factory – Create Domain And Functional Specific Solution Packages
Vordel Solution Factory is a packaging tool that enables developers to create Solution Packs. Each Solution Pack can include API definition, policy packages, special filters, custom user interface, custom data schema, and environmental configurations. Solution Packs can be created for specific use cases, stakeholders, or business units. Solution Packs can accelerate solution deployment, improve ease-of-administration, and promote knowledge sharing among the Vordel user and partner. Examples of Solution Packs offered by Vordel include SharePoint Gateway, Siebel Gateway, and Cisco AXG Migration.

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