Tips for Tricky Interview questions..

In this blog I am trying to pen down few of the most frequently asked general interview questions based upon my experience.I promise you that you will surely face some of these if you appear for an interview.Answering these is some times tricky and its better to do your homework and go prepared instead of getting trapped by the interviewer.

Lets start with the very first and most expected question from the interviewer,

“Reason of leaving the current employer?”.While answering this question one should focus on pointing out the positive reasons for leaving.

  1. One may mention about stagnancy in learning and limitations in growth potential in the current job.
  2. Express the desire to excel in the technology being offered in the new job opportunity.
  3. Also do not forget to add a few praising words about the employer friendly atmosphere and the upcoming brand name of the To-Be employer organization.
  4.  Try to point out that the prospective position provides you the additional growth and responsibilities that you are seeking.
  5. Never dwell on negative reasons on your current employer, like employee unfriendly policies,not getting good hikes or not getting along with your colleagues or your manager.

Next question which interviewer can shoot up is “Why should I hire you?”

  1. Try to relate the situations and challenges successfully faced by you in the current job that supports your candidature for the new position.
  2. Talk about  the employer’s job description of the position and try to match point for point with your skills and experience.
  3. Emphasize on your qualifications and your willingness to have a long stay with the new organization.

The next question which I am about to discuss is to be asked for sure,“What are your weaknesses?”

  1. Do not try to be over smart by saying that you do not have any weakness.
  2. Go prepared for this question and mention one or two weakness of yours and keep a third weak point of yours safe in your pocket because the interviewer may not stop here and keep you troubling by asking for more weaknesses.
  3. Also one can turn the question around and get the interviewer to disclose what he believes your weaknesses are.
  4. Use this opportunity to prove why the weakness is not a negative factor in performing on the job.
  5. Describe strengths that compensate for any weaknesses that could affect your performance.

By now you must have gained the confidence of the interviewer and he may try to assess your usefulness to his organization.He may ask “Give me an example of how you could help my company.”

  1. Bring out an incident from a project from your past experience where you made a significant contribution and how you contributed to meet the strict deadlines.
  2. Discuss about your ability to perform under pressure.

The most tricky question is now to appear on the surface.“Tell me about your salary expectations.”

  1. Do not straight away quote a figure.If you give a number too high you may come across as greedy. If you give a number too low, you can lose out.
  2. Turn the question around. Ask the interviewer to discuss the approximate pay range for the position.
  3. Describe your current compensation package in detail. Avoid giving a specific desired salary in the opening stages of discussion.
  4. Show genuine interest in the position.

I shall try to add few more questions soon. 🙂

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