CA : Old products,new names

CA Identity and Access Management products have changed their names. For few products, here are the changed names : Arcot Webfort becomes CA AuthMinder Arcot RiskFort becomes CA Riskminder Identity Manager becomes CA IdentityMinder Federation Manager becomes Siteminder Federation Quickly, we can see that names have been unified with CA most important product : Siteminder. […]

Single Sign On across Multiple domains

CA Siteminder can be used to implement Single Sign On in both single and Multiple domain environments.SiteMinder implements SSO across multiple cookie domains using a cookie provider. The cookie provider  is a specially configured SiteMinder Agent. It passes a cookie  called SMSESSION cookie, that contains the user’s identity and session information to other cookie domains […]

Siteminder Policy Server in Failover Mode

A Siteminder policy server is an important component of our infrastructure. By any reason if it fails or gets down, no more users will be able to authenticate on their applications using Siteminder.So as to avoid any such situation and assure a smooth functioning we must configure Failover functionality for our Policy Server.Siteminder supports this […]

What is a Reverse Proxy server?

Lets start with the college life,just to create an understanding via an analogy. Did you use to ask your friends to give your proxy attendance when you were bunking lectures or did you ever did the same on your friends behalf? Same concept lies behind the proxy servers.Serving on behalf of other servers. Now there […]

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