LDAP,Database and Directory

Often I heard my colleagues using few terms interchangeably such as LDAP, Active directory, database,directory etc. I was always confused and had a question in my mind whether  all these terms referred to single entity? Lets try to figure out the difference between these terms. We start with the “Directory”. Directory:It stores user information.The main function of any […]

Application Server and Web server

What is Application Server and Web server? The Web server: A Web server handles the HTTP protocol. When the Web server receives an HTTP request, it responds with an HTTP response, such as sending back an HTML page. To process a request, a Web server may respond with a static HTML page or image, send […]

Databases used with Siteminder Configuration

While using Siteminder for providing Single Sign On capabilities,few databases need to be configured for its proper functioning.Few of these are mandatory and others are optional depending upon the Siteminder features that we need utilize.Lets have a look on the various databases that we need to configure during our Siteminder installation. A SiteMinder environment utilizes […]

Siteminder Logs

Logs are of immense help while trouble shooting issues that occur during  Siteminder installation and configuration.Although there is a lot of documentation on Siteminder but documentation about Siteminder logging is very scarce and distributed on internet.Here I am trying to pen down my understanding of logging in Siteminder version 6.0 and above and from various […]

Authentication and Authorization events in Siteminder

Authentication, Authorization  Events and Rules in Siteminder Authentication Events Authentication events occur when a user accesses a resource protected by a rule that includes an On-Auth event. Unlike Web Agent actions or authorization events, authentication events always apply to the entire realm. We can’t create an On-Auth rule that applies to a portion of a realm. […]

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