First day, Class XI..

Result was out for our class 10th board exam. Scored sufficiently well, now it was time to opt among art, commerce or science. There was no second thought. I opted for Science stream as I thought only less intelligent would go for art or commerce.

Classes were about to start. We boys used to celebrate this time as newer herd of girls was soon to be introduced in our classes. Calling it as “herd” because girls pretend like “sheeps” when they first meet you.

We were planning to have some fun on the first day of our class. My mind was bubbling with ideas but the best one was still to click. Before the Morning Prayer started, I and one my friends went to the class and wrote on the back of a chair “Beware of dogs and girls” .The chair was part of the seating arrangement made for seating new girls in the class.

It was Monday and the first lecture was meant for “Moral Science”, which was more of a free period as at the age of 17 we felt that time for learning ‘Morals’ had either  passed or will come later. Already sitting and pretending to be totally unaware of anything, we were eagerly waiting for a ‘Bakra’ for our plan. New Girls started entering the class. I don’t know why but while entering and until taking a seat they all were looking down on the floor tiles continuously, either they were too interested in the design patterns of tiles or they were thinking as if they are entering a place where everybody else was from other planet. They were too scared of having an eye contact.

I took a seat adjacent to the girl’s row, diagonally two seats behind the “Hot Chair” so that could have a good view of the full event. While taking their seats girls preferred taking seats in the last rows and I had to wait too long to get a ‘Bakra’ seated. I wanted it to happen as soon as possible because I wanted to make most out of it before the teacher entered the class. Finally we got our Bakra, but to my despair, no girl behind that seat had courage enough to look up and read if anything strange was written on the chair next to them. Waited for a few minutes and then just started to act as if something unusual and funny is happening so as to draw attention of other girls towards the “Hot Chair”. A girl in the adjacent row noticed my actions and I indicated her to read the quote on the Hot Chair. At the first look she didn’t understand what it was meant for but then she shared the thing with her friends and all of us started laughing and laughed till our stomach started aching. In the meanwhile one of the girls told the girl sitting on the Hot Chair, that what all has happened and she has become the Bakra. I had the talent to act as if  I didn’t know what has happened.  She turned back. I was not able to take my eyes off her face. With short hairs and bright eyes behind the spectacles she was looking as cute as a doll. Although she was trying to a harsh look to all who were laughing but, I was able to make out her moist eyes .Although she didn’t knew that I was behind all this mischief but it gave me a guilt kind of feeling. I didn’t intend to hurt her.

For the rest of the day I kept on trying to catch a glimpse of her every now and then.

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