Abundance of feelings,scarcity of words..

While watching a famous Television show,saw a man whose few words I could relate to me,which gave me an idea of writing this post.

The man was being interviewed, but he was short of words to express his feelings.We all might have been through such situations where we feel a lot but are unable to express ourselves.

So intense, eyes full of tears but still falling short of words?Having a feeling deep within us what we feel for someone ,a wish to express not to the world,but to that special person,but still no words?

Each one of us might not be efficient enough to put all their emotions and sentiments into words that could exactly deliver the message that they are intended for.As for me ,when ever I try to put my feelings into words,I always end up doing  just the opposite what I wanted to.

Rare intellectuals who can express themselves may not feel or understand what I meant to say through this post ,but if they are real intellectuals they would understand.


No Offenses Meant

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