First day, Class XI..

Result was out for our class 10th board exam. Scored sufficiently well, now it was time to opt among art, commerce or science. There was no second thought. I opted for Science stream as I thought only less intelligent would go for art or commerce. Classes were about to start. We boys used to celebrate […]

SailPoint Identity IQ

Today there are many  products available  in the market providing IDM solution to enterprise applications.Then what is new about the Sailpoint IdentityIQ? The answer lies in its approach to provide the solution. Existing IDM products are IT focused and their efficiency mostly depends upon the IT helpdesk and the IT technical team.Sailpoint aims at shifting more […]

OIA or OIM , a tough decision to make

Each time  a customer demands for an optimum solution to their Identity and Access management requirements we need to decide upon the right line of products to be used. One of the major scenarios is to make decision between OIA (Oracle Identity Analytics) and OIM (Oracle Identity Manager). While deciding upon which to use OIM […]

Abundance of feelings,scarcity of words..

While watching a famous Television show,saw a man whose few words I could relate to me,which gave me an idea of writing this post. The man was being interviewed, but he was short of words to express his feelings.We all might have been through such situations where we feel a lot but are unable to express ourselves. […]

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